Internet of Things (IoT) Day Bangalore- 9th April 2017

Advanced Millennium Technologies together with UnifiedInbox is hosting an Internet of Things Day event in Bangalore. Creating awareness about IoT will really help people to understand the technology, and how it can impact their daily lives. We want to inspire people to learn more about IoT and to discover its possibilities across different industry verticals. The event will showcase how the most popular communications channels, including Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and SMS, can be used to remotely control smart devices ranging from lights to vacuum cleaners.

Created by the IoT council in 2010, IoT day is an open invitation to the global Internet of Things (IoT) community to participate in an event focused around the IoT and its implications.

It brings together like minded Tech oriented people in order to see what’s in store for the Future. This generation is going towards Digital and automating everything possible for the better standard of Living in the Society. Therefore it is a great platform for each and every individual to get to know the various aspects that could be kept it mind while designing and developing various programs.

Advanced Millennium Technologies along with UnifiedInBox (UIB) is celebrating the Internet Of Things day on the 9th of April 2017 at their Head Office in KasturiNagar, Bengaluru, India. We welcome all the IOT enthusiasts in and around Bangalore to attend the event.



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